New varieties:

All new varieties are evaluated in a test block before commercial planting proceeds. JDK also has access to varieties from breeding programs such as Sheehan (SNFL), Plant Genetics, Culdevco (ARC), International Fruit Genetics (IFG) and Sun World varieties.

New plantings:

JDK has planted new varieties such as Allison, Melody and Sweet Globe. We are also planning to plant new seedless varieties such as Ivory, Sugar Crisp, Sweet Joy and Joybells, in 2017/18. The first commercial volumes of these new varieties will be available in 2019/20. At JDK we are constantly seeking the point of difference to improve our supply calendar in order to enable Angon Fruit to satisfy the customer’s needs.

New technology:

JDK are constantly evaluating innovative technology or concepts to reduce our dependency on non-renewable energy sources. The aim is to reduce costs by reducing the dependency on coal generated electricity, chemical sprays, fertilizers and diesel consumption. Incentives for employees are offered bi-annually to stimulate innovative ideas around sustainability.

Marco packing system:

JDK have recently upgraded the Uitkyk pack house and installed the Marco packaging system. The Marco system uses a station packaging system along with visual performance reporting to enhance pack house productivity and decrease fruit waste.